informal collectives

informal collectives

term | SUMMER 2012

critic | Thomas Leeser

school | Columbia GSAPP

close up exterior_2


site | waterfront in Abu Dhabi

program | hotel

With a studio prompt of “Fun Palace II”, the project aims to capitalize on the potency of social experimentation proposed in the original fun palace.
In current culture, social interactions are deeply rooted in technologies (social networking/ globalization of communications). The revised Fun Palace II projects these informal social interactions as the new modes of collective fun. Informal meaning social instances are spontaneous and temporary.
The hotel program to host this fun social collective space emphasizes the temporal collectives in the project. To intensify interactions of users, the project rejects designated program areas and uses circulation space to produce and blur program. The amenities of the hotel overlap and produce moments of visual and physical connection as the project loops around on itself.
Hotel rooms situated in the program integrate patrons into spatial collectives and are made translucent to create a connection from the interior of the room to surrounding program.