structural tactility

 disaster vernacular : structural tactility

term | FALL 2009                                                                                                                critic | Sean Lally and Michael Robinson                                                                        school | Rice University                                                                                          collaborator | Alicia Cerna

site section


site | downtown Houston                                                                                             program | housing development

Weather conditions are one of the many factors in determining building construction and design techniques and strategies. The consciousness of these conditions are important to Houston because of the frequency of severe weather. Therefore, the design intention was to create a structure that could deal specifically and competently with the hot and wet climate of the Gulf Coast city. This required a design that strengthened structure to better withstand heave rain and wind loads. However, the most obvious answer being the conventional bunker would not satisfy a revolutionary spatial experience.

The second, and more experimental intention was to explore the interpretation of space. To fight the conventional bunker urge the efforts were focused on making a light structure.