about me

sarah lyons

profile | Currently, I am a licensed architect and LEED AP BD+C working at HOK on diverse, complex, and large scale projects and independently exploring emerging design tools for application in today’s complex contemporary culture. Prospectively, I hope to continue to engage writing, designing, and construction to create a more compelling built environment. When not at my desk drawing, I enjoy riding horses, volunteering, and traveling.

philosophy | If architecture can best be created through the thoughtful combinations of design, engineering, and construction, then the architect is a crucial collaborator in a necessarily diverse team. Design does not happen merely between the start and stop of drawing deadlines. But, rather, its full development is through the ongoing engagement of clients, stakeholders, contributors, and builders. This process defines a clear direction for the success of a project. In particular, the overall aesthetic of a building and the details of material application can be achieved through this process of collaboration.